Chabad Israel Center also known as MADA was Founded in 2006, MADA strives to serve the Florida Jewish Community’s Hebrew speakers, their families, and Jewish Immigrants, regardless of synagogue affiliation or level of observance. The Drive to Open This Organization is The Lubavitcher Rebbe,  Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson  who instilled in the world to go out and do acts of goodness and kindness.

Chabad Israel Center is headed by Rabbi Naftali and Henya Hertzel: Rabbi Hertzel was born and raised in Israel and received rabbinical ordination at Beit Midrash L’Rabanut of Greater  Fort Lauderdale, where he also subsequently taught before moving to Boca Raton and founding Chabad Israel Center.  Rebbetzin Hertzel was born and raised in New York and attended Bais Chana Seminary in Tzvat, Israel where she became a certified Judaics teacher.  She has taught Judaic Studies and Hebrew in Jewish day schools, and has invested numerous hours into Chabad Israel Center’s Jewish School.  

With the community’s generous support, Chabad Israel Center has successfully opened a Community Center which serves as a central hub for the community in every way Emotionally, Physically, & Spiritually with No membership fee! 

This Community Center includes Acclimation resources for new Immigrants, Translation services to help families apply to School, Health insurance and other programs. Interest Free Loans, Meals for the Sick and New Moms, Program that helps New Immigrants find Jobs, Programs for Lone Soldiers Families, Daily and Shabbos prayers, youth Programs, classes and sermons; School; teenager programs; CIGNO woman empowerment group ; Hurricane relief Program, a comprehensive library containing thousands of books on a variety of Jewish subjects; kosher kitchen which serves the community during Holidays, activities and Shabbos; and a place for the community to meet and discuss daily events, struggles, religious study and business. 

Chabad Israel Center successfully engages the community through a variety of programs, such as an after-school program for children, including homework help and special activities; holiday programs, meals and entertainment; scroll writing and kosher verification; and adult-education classes to further Jewish knowledge.  It has hosted speakers from around the world on a wide range of topics, including parenting, Jewish philosophy, education, the importance of the Jewish family, health, yoga, writing Torah scrolls, mysticism and Jewish music. 

CIGNO is Chabad Israel Center women empowerment group, that gets together once a month to support and encourage one another and integrate into the American culture and society. This women’s group also provide unique and engaging monthly Activities, Chabad Israel Center goal is to engage women of all Jewish backgrounds and affiliations and takes that goal seriously by ensuring that most of its events are free of charge.

One of Chabad Israel Center primary goals is to assist individuals and families, literally around the clock, with both basic and pressing needs. This includes coordinating confidential aid for families in financial distress by providing food, furniture, and clothing; counseling for those who need assistance with personal issues; services for Jewish life cycle events such as brit milah and weddings; visiting the sick in hospitals and at home; and providing prison chaplaincy. Fulfilling local Jewish needs, whenever and wherever they occur is what directs Chabad Israel Center in all their activities.

Chabd Israel Center was founded By Rabbi Naftaly & Henya Hertzel. Rabbi Hertzel Came to America 20 Years ago, and as an Immigrant Himself he recognized the unique needs of the Hebrew speaking population in South Florida for Jewish life, services and cultural programs – not simply for the Hebrew language aspect but also for the cultural perspective of this mainly immigrant community. Israelis who have relocated to South Florida find themselves far from family and friends and disconnected from familiar social and cultural outlets. Chabad Israel Center provides a setting for this population to come together, learn and support each other. 

The success of Chabad Israel Center has been measured mainly through two means. The first is its ability to identify and reach those it aims to serve. To date, Chabad Israel Center has built a reliable database of 2000 families who are contacted regularly through a weekly newsletter, direct mail and personal phone calls by volunteers. The second measure of success is the level of participation at Chabad Israel Center programs and events, which are well attended. 

Chabad Israel Center Accept any walks of life , There’s so many Jews in this world, so many ways to be Jewish and we accept every Jew as they are. We are everyone’s family we celebrate with everyone as a whole.


Programs and Services


1)    Communal Shabbat Welcoming and Services

On every Shabbat, members of the community regardless of affiliation, level of observance, or even level of Hebrew are invited to attend prayer services at MADA.  Prayers are led by the community and special welcoming attention is given to visitors or new attendees.  The services are led in Hebrew but siddur pages are announced in both Hebrew and English.

Additionally, on most Shabbats, members of the community of all walks of life and observances are invited to attend a Shabbat feast with the Rabbi and the Rebbetzin.  These meals follow the Friday evening prayers welcoming the Shabbat and morning Shabbat prayers, and include traditional Jewish delicacies, Shabbat hymns and songs, and a discussion of Jewish topics including the weekly Parsha.

These communal meals are an important way to teach the community about welcoming and observing the Shabbat, while at the same time furthering the goal of unity and Simcha during the most important day of the week.

2)    Jewish Learning Institute 

Throughout the year, MADA hosts a series of lectures on numerous Jewish topics including major Torah events and their meaning, the weekly Torah portion, the nature of life, the Jewish soul and its purpose in life, and Kabbalistic teachings.  Each course usually consists of 12 lessons, with each lesson focusing on a different aspect on the general subject.

With the help of supporters like you, the lectures often include a breakfast and pre-lesson get-together.

3)    Holiday Celebrations

MADA is well known in the community for its extravagant and cheerful holiday celebrations.  Examples include:

a.    Special programs during the month of Ellul, including a Sofer Stam to show the community how Torah scrolls are made and why Mezzuzahs should be checked regularly.

b.    Rosh Hashana communal celebration in honor of the New Year.

c.    Yom Kippur service with a following break the fast meal.

d.    Sukkot communal Sukkah building, Sukah program for adults and kids, and Yom Tov Sukkah meals.

e.    Simchat Torah celebration and feast.

f.    Channukah activities for adults and kids, including arts and crafts, Menorah building, Free Menorahs, and Channukah party.

g.    Tu Bishvat program including a special speaker about Israeli agriculture and fruits.

h.    Purim festival masquerade, Megilla reading, gift basket giving, and dinner.

i.    Pesach Leil Hasheder (evening dinner,) help in koshering the kitchen and house, Children’s Matazah bakery, and free Shamur Matazas to every family who desires them.

j.    Shavout dairy meal, reading of the Ten Commandments, and all night Torah study.

k.    Rabbe’s birthday celebration with a special speaker.

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4)    Hebrew School

MADA’s Hebrew school is unique in that its teachers are former Israelis who are proficient in biblical, literary, and Modern Hebrew.  The material taught is focused on children from Israeli families with basic Hebrew knowledge, and goes far beyond language instruction to include Jewish customs, Israeli songs, and Jewish values. 

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5)    Women’s Circle

The Torah teaches that women are the foundation of the family and it is in their merit that the nation is saved from danger.  MADA’s Women’s Circle meetings take place once a month and are a great opportunity for Jewish women of all walks of life to spend time together, enjoy great speakers and events, and learn how to balance family life with the day to day grind.  It is a great way to meet new and old friends.

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6)    Shabbatonim

Once a month, MADA invites everyone and anyone to attend a unique Shabbat Dinner for a nominal fee.  The dinner includes Israeli delicacies, special speakers relating to the time of year, and a special atmosphere of unity!

7)    On-Line Magazine

MADA strives to ensure that every Israeli family will feel at home by having easy access to an On-Line Magazine that focuses on Jewish life.  This On-Line Magazine, which is free of charge, includes interpretations and opinions of the weekly Parsha, interesting audio and video, and articles about upcoming holidays and celebrations, familial harmony, communal classifieds, and current events.

8)    Internet Portal

Chabad MADA is available 24/6 at  Its comprehensive website includes interesting articles, Jewish calendar and customized notifications, picture galleries, videos, and upcoming events.

9)    Communal Services

Chabad MADA is available to the community for Bar and Bat Mitzva lessons and planning, Jewish burial and coaching, Wedding planning, ceremony and coaching, Family support, family purity, Kitchen Koshering, Tfillin instruction, Mezuzut installation, a helping hand to the poor, and other services.

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